After much thought and deliberation, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve finally decided on a name for our winery.  Our vision started back in the 80s with five rows of Pinot Noir.  From this point on our wine will be known as “Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowrey Vineyards” or simply “Five Rows”.  Essentially, all my wines will be made from a small portion of the Lowrey Vineyard crop (a couple rows of this and a couple rows of that) and that was a genesis of the “Rows” idea.  The more we thought about it, the number Five was very meaningful to us, because of the original Pinot planting and because my father and I are among five generations of Lowrey’s to farm our land.  Our packaging concept will emphasize the scarcity and hand-made feel we are trying to promote with the Five Rows brand.  In the coming weeks we will launch a Five Rows website that will elaborate on the scope of our winery project and give details on the upcoming first vintage release.  My blog will be incorporated into a component of the website, so stay tuned!