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What a pleasure it was to have a keen group of culinary/hospitality students from Assiniboine Community College (Manitoba) stop by our barn this morning.  Prior to their arrival, I worried that it may be tough to keep our guests entertained for the full two and a half hours they were scheduled for, but once I met them I knew it wouldn’t be a problem!

They were all ears as my mother and I took turns explaining the history of our farm and some of the viticultural practices we employ.  The rest of the time was filled with very well thought out questions and subsequent discussion.  We concluded the morning with a tasting of our wines, of which I received some great feedback.  It is a perk of my job to be able to meet such engaging and talented young people getting set to embark on their careers.  I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavours, and thank them for bringing a sampling of Five Rows back home to Brandon, Manitoba.

A special thanks also goes to Barbara Leslie from Niagara College for hooking us up with our new friends.

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