Page Here We Go Again

Starting Saturday May 1st, the barn doors will be open once again.  I encourage all friends of Five Rows to stop in for a quick sip and chat.  We’d love to hear how your winter was and give you a sneak peek at our upcoming release schedule.  All the wines are drinking well right now and, consequently, their numbers are dwindling rapidly.

Make sure to bring your boots and take a leisurely stroll through the vineyard. It’s a great time of year to witness new buds popping right before your eyes.  I’d be happy to lead a tour for anyone interested.  Thanks to the wonderful spring weather that’s graced Niagara, we are a good 10-14 days ahead of a normal year.  As I envision what the 2010 vintage could potentially become, I hear the voice of my wise and battle-tested father reminding me not to count my chickens just yet.


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