Page A Great Night

Congratulations to all Cuvee 2010 Award winners!  I applaud all those whose hard work and vision created a work of art that was recognized by their peers as exceptional.  From the grape growers to the winemakers; the cellar hands to the lab rats, all deserve the highest of praise.

The evening itself more than lived up to my expectations.  A packed room of enthusiastic wine lovers streamed around like kids on Christmas morning, eyes wide and not knowing which present to open next.  The food stations were splendid and really helped highlight the true stars of the night – the wines.

The proudest part of the Cuvee experience for me occurred just after stepping away from our table for a few moments to grab a bite to eat.  Upon returning, I was inspired by the size of the crowd around our table and the joy in my parents’ faces as they merrily poured samples and held court.  It dawned on me that we’d reached a milestone this night, and accomplished it together as a family.  In many ways it legitimized the risks and stress involved in our journey thus far.  To have our wines showcased alongside award-winning juggernauts like Creekside, Fielding, Flat Rock and Thirty Bench was truly a thrill.

Based on the amount of “repeat pours” and those who were “sent to try your Cab”  I would conclude that our wines were very well received.  A few of my winemaking colleagues even noted a distinct “Five Rows buzz” in the air, but I actually think they may have been sensing the sheer amount of alcohol being metabolized in the room that night.

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