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Today marks the next phase in our winery development.  We have officially launched our Five Rows website at   This will be the hub of our winery operation.  From this site you will be able to access my latest blog entries and also get info on all of current and upcoming releases.   Excitingly, there is a page specifically designed to keep us connected with all those who have supported us through wine purchases.  All customers are encouraged to record their name and bottle number on this page along with an optional comment on the wine or a story behind their connection to Five Rows.

We’ve received many inquiries as to where you can find our wines, so now the website will keep you posted to that end.  You will also find a link to our Lowrey Vineyards site, a future showcase for the viticultural side of our operation.

One Response to “Five Rows Website Launch”

Leif Miltenberger

Congratulations on the new Five Rows website! It’s gorgeous!

I really like the jQuery expand/collapse thing you’ve got going on the sidebar of the wines page. The new label designs are also amazing! The labels look great in photos and I bet they’d look even better in person.

Also, I’d like to comment on the approach you’ve taken with allowing your customers to register their bottles on your site. I love how it brings the customer back to your site _after_ they’ve bought your product. It builds loyalty and keeps your name fresh in their mind. There are so many small details like this that wineries could be taking advantage of but aren’t. Way to think forward!

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